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In the wake of a floor or any sort of water damage to your home, it is hard to grasp the severity and extent of the damage initially. With emotions running high and worries about how things will ever be put back in place, we can feel overwhelmed with desperation, sadness and regret for not being prepared. While some precautions can be taken to avoid the largest amount of damage, a flood is never the fault of the home owner. Fortunately, many restoration and response companies are now offering Instgram Lite Apk for android to assist in getting things back to normal; continue reading to find out about both independent and company-sponsored apps are helping address the needs of their customers and subscribers.

Ready Plan

One of the largest businesses that handles not only flood damage but also fire and mould issues, ServPro released its Ready Plan app a couple of years ago. With large, intuitive buttons and a straightforward interface, those suffering from home or business damage can quickly report any issues via the app and a ServPro team will be on the scene as quickly as possible. The purpose of the Ready Plan app is to be used before a situation arises, allowing individuals or businesses the option of storing all of their contact information so that response times are as low as possible. Smartphone users of both iOS and Android devices can download the app via their respective app stores.

Basement Waterproofing Made Easy

In instances of major flooding, those with basements often suffer the most damage. Knowing what to do beforehand to minimize the risks will not only help save time and money later on, but can also provide valuable protection for your basement from long-term moisture build-up or water seepage. The Basement Waterproofing Made Easy app helps home owners be aware of steps they can take to enact structural solutions for safeguarding their basements, foundations and the valuables inside them. Available on the Android Marketplace, this app can be a proactive solution in avoiding a future problem.

Disaster Recovery Log

Having comprehensive details of the damage sustained to your home in the event of flooding is vital for insurance claims and recovery efforts. Disaster Recovery Log – available on the Android Marketplace – allows home owners to document any and all damage sustained via notes, photos and audio. You will be able to create individual entries for damaged items, attach audio recordings describing the damage and even add photos to fully show the damage. The information can then be sent via email or shared via social networks for later evaluation by restoration crews and insurance claim agents.

Service Master Rapid Recovery

Servicing the area of Raleigh, North Carolina, Service Master Rapid Recovery is a great app that shows the versatility technology is providing not only to large companies, but localized response teams, also. Embedded within the app is a range of information on what to do in the wake of a flood, how to arrange for a professional response team to evaluate the damage and begin repairs, as well as a list of all services offered.